A seaside hostel at Ķesterciems


The scenic beauty of nature and a relaxing atmosphere dominate a magical corner of Ķesterciems known as “Mūrnieki”. Here, on the very shore of the sea, is the home of the PLUDMALIS youth hostel. It is an entire leisure complex. Firstly, it is a two-storey hostel with a toilet and shower on each floor, as well as a guests’ kitchen, TV, WiFi and its own car park. It has 13 rooms with 35 beds. The complex also has camping facilities including parking for camper vans, picnic spots with a truly exclusive view of the sea. It also has a volleyball court and bathing place. Visitors can rent bicycles or enjoy the exercise of Nordic walking.
If you want to mix pleasure with business, PLUDMALIS can also offer you a large seminar room complete with projector. The room can accommodate up to 40 people at a time. In cooperation with SIA "Salate" we offer catamaran rental. Price: 15 Eur/h.

PLUDMALIS’ grounds have been scenically designed and even have their own rock garden. Alongside the hostel are pine forests offering their own fruits of nature including mushrooms, berries and birdsong. On occasion, tourists can enjoy some authentic fishing in the company of the hostel’s landlord and afterwards take part in the process of smoking their catch. Here, one should mention that this is the third generation of anglers to have resided in this house. So naturally, visitors can sample local fish produce (by prior arrangement). But nothing beat the presence of the sea, or the fresh air and peach that everyone can enjoy to their heart’s content. Oh, yes, and wherever you go, you will always accompanied by the smiling, lovable and amiable personality of PLUDMALIS. PLUDMALIS Hostel’s peak season lasts from 1 May to 1 October. At other times, accommodation or seminars must be arranged separately.

What does PLUDMALIS mean?

Directly translated into English, PLUDMALIS means BEACHMAN. Neither man, nor spirit. Both very, very small, so much so that you can accidently climb on top of it and harm it, and yet as big as the entire beach – to the extent that your view allows you to perceive the beach all around you. Sometimes, it’s like a slight breeze that strokes your face; at other times, it sweeps you off your feet and tosses you along the beach. Others say that it is merely a horizontal line – unattainable and deceptive, but why is it then that sometimes early in the morning one can see huge footprints on the beach, seemingly suggestive of somebody have taken too long a stride. Maybe, it’s in the air, in the objects that you find by chance on the sea shore or in the forest. Maybe it’s looking down at you from the sky, alive through sounds, fragrances; in everything around you. Who knows! Who knows? One thing though is quite certain – PLUDMALIS has chosen this particular hostel’s beach and its locale as his home. It could well be that there are other Pludmalis elsewhere, but right now we don’t have any information about them. Our PLUDMALIS is ours and we believe that he likes it here and he protects us, does minor miracles and mischief too; he play hide and seek, but to the more observant among us, he appears to be a fleeting shadow, like a leaping fish in the distant sea, like a barely audible whisper in the middle of the day, like a force that suddenly changes the order of things. We believe in delightful miracles.

How can you spot and become friends with PLUDMALIS?

You don’t have to do anything special. Just relax and enjoy everything around you. This is the true PLUDMALIS. And he’ll respond to you with the same joy and sincerity.

How can you obtain PLUDMALIS’ undying love?

Sit down on the beach and observe the sea. Do so for as long as you can and then do so again. In the ideal version – for the rest of your life.